Coffee&Cookies – Concept two

again i drew a concept for coffee&cookies, and i am again ashamed that it lasted so long, but finally i am happy with this one!

now we have to decide which concept would be the best, before i can start with finishing it in a coloured painting.

i hope you enjoy it!

cookies wanne live!!

(the type in the first scene is sporadic, i will look what fits best when i begin working with color)



last week i did some illustrations for the belgian web-magazine vulkomenkot.be!
they wanted a french fries character, so I made some scribbles and painted the chosen one in different variations:

and because it fitted perfect, i combined the illustration with the old coffee&cookies characters:


c&c concept one

i want to start this entry with a bunch of apologies! i would write thousands of times sorry, but i think you won’t read them all, so i write it bold:

SORRY (that i neglected my blog!) :P

the reason why i have done this, is that i did lots of boring things in the last time, and one bigger project, that i want to show you now!
it is just a preparatory drawing, and i am ashamed that this one lasts so long, but the perspective and the content of the scenes were killing me (i did nearly everything in the picture twice).
if this concept will taken, i will paint it finally in color in a similar style  i already did for coffee&cookies (click!)

i hope you enjoy it!

eat them before they eat you!!

(the type in the first scene is sporadic, i will look what fits best when i begin working with color)


“Ich bin so dumm, du bist so dumm…”

Phew… looking on my blog makes me sad, because I created so many, uninteresting stuff for university (essays) and job (flyer, poster, etc.) in the last time, that I didn’t wanted to bother you with those silly things.

But now! :P

I did some scribbles for the illustration course “Ich bin so dumm, du bist so dumm, wir wollen sterben gehen, kumm!” by famous german illustrator Sophie Schmid. The task was to illustrate a poem of Morgenstern or Ringelnatz (funny german poets)

I thougt it would be the best idea to illustrate the poem chosen for the title of the course:

Ein finstrer Esel sprach einmal zu seinem ehlichen Gemahl:
“Ich bin so dumm, du bist so dumm, wir wollen sterben gehen, kumm!”
Doch wie es kommt so öfter eben: Die beiden blieben fröhlich leben.

Christian Morgenstern

This was my first scribble, to uphold the idea…


…and these scribbles were an exercise for the expression of the characters, but I think I have to work on it:



I hope new pictures will follow soon, but first I have to work on a new Coffee&Cookies concept.

However, I am optimistic! :)


Coffee & Cookies – Scribble 03

Today I scanned my scribble of an other image for coffee&cookies.

This will be the enterpage of the website (but coloured and nicer!)



Coffee & Cookies Scribble

I just finished this scribble for the Coffee & Cookies project. I worked without an Idea, just to check how the characters could look in a landscape und how the cookie could smile.

Copics in Montana scribblebook :)


Coffee & Cookies – Character Scribbles

After the first design of Coffee&Cookies I made won’t be printed because we did not get the license of use, I had to create new characters for the project. This is what I actual made of it:





Some scribbles from the last years

Scribbling is one of the most important step in creating a picture, the better the scribble, the better the image. Here are some scribbles I did for different projects or just for fun.


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