the lemon killer – get it!!

now you can buy the lemon murderer on lafraise (19€)!!


click here!


the glorious drawberrys of lafraise




if you like it you can vote here! :)


laFraise vs. BACARDI Contest

Yiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! My design has won the laFraise vs. BACARDI contest! I hope that I can get some photos from the exhibition, so that I can show you some impressions. Actually I can just say: it was great! BACRARDI Limon or Razz with Sprite is the best cocktail I ever drunk!

I will write an entry when the design is printed! :)

Here are the scribbles I made for the contest, and the winning design!



Link to original post


Hedonism – photos

My hedonism shirt, printed by riotcreations, arrived me finally!

So a friend of mine  (Christian Groß) took some photos of me to show you the design on shirt.

enjoy it! :)





Lemons with Melons

This is my actual Lafraise submission in the bacardi limon contest. the task was to create a t-shirt design with a character made for bacardi limon.

If you want to support me you can vote here: Lemons with Melons
or here: Lemon murderer!





Coffee & Cookies – Save my day!

…is an e-commerce project, selling coffee, cookies and t-shirts! :)

unfurtunately this design won’t be printed, because the Sesame Street didn’t gave us the license of use.



visit coffeeandcookies.de!


hedonism – the "lucky" one

A stylistic experiment, showing a man going to the casino with the “all-seeing-eye”.hedonism

You can get it on RiotCreations.


oh no i am k!

I wanted to revive a print product, so I made this shirt. So The guy hates the color (k = appreviation for black in offset print) he got printed.

A better tomorrow wrote following text about it: (german)

50 Jahre nach der Entdeckung der DNA gibt es jetzt eine bahnbrechende, neue Entwicklung. Die Welt wird bunter! Der „normale“ DNA Code eines Homo sapiens ist aufgebaut aus den Basen Adenosin (A), Cytosin ©, Thymidin (T) und Guanin (G). Nach langjährigen Studien wurde nun ein neuer genetischer Code entdeckt, C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), und K (Key, schwarz).

Der Homo Graphicus wird hauptsächlich in seiner natürlichen Umgebung angetroffen, er sieht die Welt bunter und er schmückt sich vorzugsweise mit schönen Shirts. Homo Graphicus „creeze“ weiß das natürlich und rockt den Contest mit seinem Winner „Oh no, i am K“ welches er nach einem nächtlichen Albtraum von Mutanten, die nur noch aus tristen Ks bestehen, entwarf.

Hol dir das „Oh no, I am K” und kämpfe mit uns, dass dieser Albtraum niemals wahr wird.

Auf jungfräulichem AA weiß für Girls und Boys. Einfarbiger Siebdruck mit wasserbasierender Farbe. Extra dünn.


You can get it on a better tomorrow!

Here are some details and a picture of Oliver Korittke wearing the shirt!


Das Einhörnchen / The Squirrel

I made this shirtdesign in August (2008) after I read a story for my brother, sitting a squirrel on the shoulders of a little boy. Stupidly I did not read “Eichhörnchen” (Squirrel) but “Einhörnchen” (little unicorn), so I got the idea for the shirt. The joke only works if you understand german, but i hope you even like it! :)


If you really, really, really, really like it, you can get it on a better tomorrow. :)

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