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yep… the relaunch… new projects… uhm… has to wait, sorry!

(reason? title!)

check facebook or dribbble for some spare new project insights please :)

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creeze.de – lazy for a while

Because I  have a lot of finished projects waiting for a nice presentation to be released here, but no time to prepare the images (because I have to work on new ones :) ) I won’t update this homepage for a while, untill I launch a new, better structured version of my blog/portfolio.

If you want to keep an eye on my work you can check my facebook site ;)




actually I have so much things to do and in coming, that I am not really able to update, redesign, or restructure my homepage, or even post new works.

my peace offering: I am trying! :P


new dead disco flyer

sorry for the lack of posts, i am working on a big project that i will show you when all illustrations for it are done. also i am working on a new website/blog, which brings more structure and unity to the various projects.

but until i am ready with that, you have to be satisfied with this new flyer:

(front and back)


video – again :P

To learn after effects I made this video, as a part of my semester documentation. It visualizes the cookie design process (reduced and just representing my thoughts) :P

Music by Dunkelbunt!

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